Congratulations you are pregnant

This is an exciting time for both, you and your partner. In a few months there will be amazing changes in your family life. The childbirth class will guide you together through the pregnancy, birth and the first time with the new baby. This course is designed to provide the opportunity to explore a wide range of issues surrounding pregnancy, labour.

For the mother, take your time to enjoy the discoveries of pregnancy and the richness that birth can bring to your life as a woman. For the partner, support and protect the mother during the pregnancy, the birth and in the early weeks after birth. The ideas in this course will help you get started and show you how you can be actively involved. The class also helps you to find your way in having a baby in the Netherlands. It will show you how the Dutch maternity care system works and will make you feel safe and “at home”.

A pregnant woman

Childbirth is a team effort

The class helps you prepare for the birth of your baby in an informative and practical way. During the course you will learn and practice different birthing techniques as well as all the what's and why's about pregnancy and labour. Many midwives and obstetricians throughout the Eindhoven area support and recommend my class. My main goal is to give you and your baby the best start possible. The classes are intended for both the mother and her partner and will teach you how to do this: together as a team.

My courses are a wonderful mix of couples from all over the world and will give you a really good opportunity to get to know other parents-to-be in the area. Together, you will be able to discuss and learn from each other.

Full Class

A full class for mother and partner covering all the topics of childbirth and pregnancy including breastfeeding and post-natal care. This class consists of 6 meetings of 2 hours in the evening.

Mini Class

This class consists of 4 meetings of 2 hours in the evening for couples. The class is hands on and handles the most important topics of being pregnant and giving birth. This course is very useful for couples with a busy schedule. Or as a refresher course if this is your second or third baby.

Private Class

A class for two which consists of 2 to 3 meetings of 2 hours each lesson during the day. Great for couples who are not able to attend the regular classes or for couples who prefer the more private setting of this class, just for you and your birth partner.

Frequently asked questions

In case you have any questions regarding the classes or being pregant in general this page covers all your questions.



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"You have been really easy to understand and we are grateful for you for having a course in english. We really enjoyed the evenings with you."

Amanda and William

"This was an amazing important experience. We are very happy we met you. thank you for guiding us!"

Justyna and Guus

"Thank you for calming down our worries, for answering our questions, for believing in us and sharing your knowledge."

Anne and jasper

"We have learned a lot which we never heard or thought before. So the class is helpful. We like your enthusiastic style of teaching."

Jia and Peng

"Thank you for the usefull class, preparing us to welcome our wonder. The Dutch touch and jokes, the down to earth "message" is really you, a great add for the class."

Laura Lynn and Thomas